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As We Spring Forward; Considering Winter 2014-15

I awake at 5 am, coughing, in a bed strewn with crumbled tissues. I am surrounded by cough drop wrappers, Tylenol, a half cup of cold tea and a mountain of pillows. The vaporizer purrs.  I am aware as I run my hands through my hair that there is honey stuck in my bangs. This […]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Back in January, I impatiently began scrutinizing my garden for signs of life. Then with the run of warm weather a few weeks ago, the perennials seemed poised for a head start, determined to poke through the soil. As I rejoice in these first green sprouts, I am aware I am only seeing the outcome […]

The First Peony of the Season Bloomed Today

The first peony of the season bloomed today. In my world this is a big deal. You see, I believe that peonies along with calamata olives are absolute evidence that a higher power exists. I cannot imagine two more perfect things! I cut that first bloom and reverently place it in a tiny glass vase […]

To Spring Forward – Shed the Past

 My dog, Joey, is shedding. Huge puffs of fur are working their way out of his coat. What I collect in the vacuum makes it clear that if this goes on, he will be bald. Of course, I say that every spring and no matter how much he sheds, he never is hairless. While others […]