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The J. Peterman Skirt

It is that time of year in the Northeast, when women begin to yank their cold weather clothes out of storage. We shake them, smell the mustiness, run loads of laundry, and put aside a pile of things for the cleaners. And we try them on to consider, if we lost or gained weight and […]

Snakes on my Brain

Women are finding snakes in the houses. Before you assume this is just a colorful metaphor implemented to slam their male counterparts, I want to assure you-it is not. Honest to goodness snakes are finding their way into our homes. I shudder even as I write this. There are stories of snakes under the washer/dryer, […]

Candy Corn in August

I have frequently expressed my distaste for confronting Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween, but I do not recall the presence of black and orange bags of candies showing up in stores the first week of August!  Not just a small display-oh no, this year there are aisles of treats! While most of us realize […]

The Electrician’s Daughter

Arriving at my sister’s house yesterday, I was greeted with the information that she had just experienced a small electrical fire in a wall sconce and had called an electrician. After having her cut the breaker, I dismantled the fixture and find the culprit- a worn wire touched the metal of the socket and that […]