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What’s Trending This Holiday Season: Action Figures

Each holiday season heralds the arrival of the latest toy craze. This results in parents performing Herculean-like feats to procure the coveted item so their offspring will squeal with joy as they rip off the wrapping paper. Two groups of action figures are this season’s biggest “must haves”. First are the licensed Star Wars Action […]

Where Have All our Heroes Gone?

Lance Armstrong’s recent admission of guilt regarding doping allegations is sad and disillusioning. Unfortunately it seems many of our most revered heroes fall from grace. Last week I was stunned as I watched Mimi Alford speak of her sexual relationship with John Fitzgerald Kennedy when she was only 19. Who can forget John Edward’s secret […]

Do We Rush to Judgment?

Friday morning the news was filled with stories about Lance Armstrong deciding not to pursue his legal battles with regard to doping allegations. It is interesting to me that many assume his withdrawal from the fray is evidence of guilt. First, let me say, I don’t have a strong opinion one way or another about […]

Growing up with Dick Clark

Let me be clear right from the beginning-I never actually met Dick Clark- yet our relationship spanned decades.  Earlier this week, Dick Clark passed away. His death marks the end of an era. Long before we had access to the momentary updates provided by Tweeter, Facebook and other social media, teenagers relied on Dick Clark […]