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What Do You Want to Be… for Halloween?

With Halloween rapidly approaching parents are frantically try to fulfill their child’s costume desire and everyone is asking every child, “So what do you want to be this Halloween?” Kids LOVE Halloween. Besides all the candy, Halloween is the day they get to be who they want to be. Of course, this is not the […]

In the Season of Excess: Will you Splurge or Binge?

Today while running some errands, I saw mountainous displays of bags of candy so enormous that I would need assistance just getting them to the car! Aisles and aisles of transparent sacks filled with tempting giant size candy bars! Where are those little bit size morsels we used to consider a treat? Now there were […]

Halloween and Kids of Divorce

      For kids, Halloween is one of the most important holidays of the year. The costume, the candy, the decorations and the anticipation get kids revved up for weeks. However, the child of divorce is often faced with worries and concerns that cloud their enthusiasm. This is especially true when their parents are unwillingly to […]

Trick or Treat! Here Comes Holiday Havoc!

     I was wearing flip flops when I retrieved the mail this morning. Catalogues of shiny Christmas baubles, cashmere sweaters, robotic reindeer, sinfully expensive chocolates and gorgeous gifts wrapped to coordinate with the living room decor (who, besides Martha Stewart, really does that?) are jam packed in the mailbox. Here it is again. I am in […]