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The Hardest Thing

In early November, I came across a quote that resonated with me; I kept it, I was not sure why. Would I use it in my work, write about it or did it have a message for me personally? You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look […]

Lessons from my Garden: Denial

Frequently, I hear gardeners refer to their passion for growing things as “therapy”. In considering this definition of gardening, I assumed they mean that playing in the dirt with plants was relaxing-like a massage, or rewarding-like a jelly donut. A few years back, my gardening attempts resulted my own therapeutic moment – after two years, […]

A Guide to Happier Holidays: Replace HO–HO-HO with NO-NO-NO!

Well, the holiday hoopla is ramping up. Displays of sparkly red and green stuff has taken center stage in our stores, catalogues are arriving in droves, internet sites are offering deals, discounts and sales on every imaginable product. Magazines at the grocery check- out display unbelievable glossy covers of gorgeous people, in gorgeous houses, serving […]

Why We liked the Gilmore Girls

I recently caught an episode of the now syndicated Gilmore Girls and found myself thinking- what was it about this show that made it so popular? Beyond the story of Lorilei and Rory and the Stars Hollow gang, is something else that draws us in. The more I watched, the more I saw the attraction; […]