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The Holidays: A Time for Family Fun or Friction?

The holidays offers us a time to be together with family members; a pause in our busy lives to celebrate tradition, share memories and to reconnect. At least that is what we all hope for. Unfortunately for many families, the reality of the holidays does not measure up to our idealized expectations. For many, the […]

Have You Shopped for Shorts Lately?

The single most dreaded clothes shopping experience for most women is buying a bathing suit. Usually we first venture out in Spring, when we are still pasty and wan. Regardless of what shape we are in, the undeniable fact is that we are one year older than last summer and gravity, oh, evil gravity, has […]

My Life with a Dog

As I am driving my border collie ┬áto the vet, I recall having heard that over time people begin to look like their dogs. I glance in the rear view mirror catching both our reflections at once and am relieved to see that I do not have his white chin hairs (yet) and my ears […]