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Is Divorce Harder on Women Than Men?

Many of my divorcing women clients have expressed a sense of unfairness as it seems that men have an easier time with divorce than women. While it is not possible to quantify the degree of sadness and grief each partner experiences with the demise of a marriage, it is fair to say each gender has […]

Whose Name Is It, Anyway?

Two weeks ago, I posted the blog Should a Woman Change her Last Name when She Divorces? An interesting response from Attorney Chip Mues followed. He sent me his blog from a few years ago, which addresses the question “Can a man make a woman give up HIS name when they divorce?” Actually, this is […]

Should a Woman Change her Last Name when She Divorces?

Recently an article appeared in Huffington Post exploring how women feel about changing their name when they married. According to knot.com who conducted a survey of 19,000 women who married last year, 86% of those surveyed took their husbands’ name. It got me thinking…what percentage of women keep their husband’s name after divorce and why? “To […]

Your Wedding Album: After Divorce

   After a day jam-packed with activities, responsibilities and obligations many of us look forward to finally having a moment to sit down, kick back and relax. Some evening you might find yourself at odds; you flip on the TV only to find nothing grabs you, your e-mail box is empty and after a few […]