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The Fixer-Upper Man

      Are you a woman of great creativity and vision? Can you see a broken-down chair at a garage sale and just know that with a little elbow grease it can become a treasured heirloom? Are you a woman who loves challenges, solving puzzles, or figuring out how to make things work? Are you resourceful, […]

Renewable Marriage: Problem or Progress?

Most of us are aware of the high percentage of divorces in the United States. Some reports indicate that 50% of all marriages will end in divorce. As devastating as it is to have a love relationship end, it is compounded by the arduous process of divorce; the fighting over finances and children can go […]

Shocked at your Partner’s Behavior during Divorce?

Frequently, a spouse is incredulous at their partner’s behavior during divorce. Why do we expect people to be on their best behavior during divorce? Does anyone actually behave better under stress? If you had a tendency to anxiety your marriage, you are probably climbing the walls. If your spouse was controlling during the marriage, then […]

Commitment vs. Obligation

    Phyllis, a divorced woman in her forties, thought her relationship was going quite well. However, her boyfriend of one year, Alan, felt it “lacked commitment.” “Well, he thinks we should buy a house together. He feels we need a commitment of some type.” Alan also urged her to open a joint bank account and […]