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Walking on Egg Shells?

“Walking on egg shells” refers to an adaptive behavior we employ to guard against feeling judged, criticized or ostracized.  When we are unsure of what is being asked of us or we are afraid to stir things up, stick our necks out, experience rejection, hurt someone’s feelings, appear stupid or because we really, really just […]

Irene Comes to Town

“Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.” Friday I prepared for Irene’s visit.  I bought more bottles of water than I will drink in a year and every style of battery I could find. I have sufficient AAA, AA, C and D’s to power a small army of Eveready Bunnies. I brought in my […]

Getting All “A’s”

      This week many families are packing up their cars and driving their kids off to college. Younger students are buying school supplies. Stores are filled with fall fashion sporting rich autumn colors and warm fabrics. We notice the days are getting shorter and the nights are cooler.    Whether you have children in school, are […]

The Wild Waves of Emotion

Have you ever had the experience of telling a story from your past, one that you might have even told a thousand times without any emotion, but then this one time, you suddenly find yourself reduced to tears as you recount the tale? This reaction can alarm us. We may think “What is THIS about? […]