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Renewable Marriage: Problem or Progress?

Most of us are aware of the high percentage of divorces in the United States. Some reports indicate that 50% of all marriages will end in divorce. As devastating as it is to have a love relationship end, it is compounded by the arduous process of divorce; the fighting over finances and children can go […]

The Ambivalent Marriage

The decision to proceed with divorce is often clear cut when there is physical or emotional abuse, substance abuse or infidelity. Either spouse can finger point with conviction and say “See, this is the reason!” Divorce feels explainable and justifiable. But Ambivalent Marriages sometimes lack obvious troubles. There isn’t the terror of abuse or angst […]

Insuring Your Love: Divorce Insurance or Covenant Marriage?

In a culture where approximately half of all first marriages break up, the advent of new programs designed to support marriage should be no surprise. Then why was I so surprised to hear on NPR a few weeks ago, Tess Vigeland interview Josh Logan, the CEO of Wedlock Divorce Insurance a new company offering, well, […]