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      Mary is a quiet young woman in her mid-thirties with three children. She has been married for ten years. Mary came to my office because she was arrested for domestic violence. Her story is not an uncommon one.        Mary had gone out after work to celebrate the birthday of a female co-worker and […]

Love is a Verb

         Everyone wants to be loved.        But sometimes we get confused. We may want so desperately to be cared about and valued that we believe we are loved even when someone treats us badly. When I hear stories of women being neglected or abused by their partner, I ask, “Why do you stay?”  […]

Does “Love Mean Never Having to Say You’re Sorry”?

 Right up front, I admit I have always had a problem with this statement. I first heard it in the 70’s  and I cannot remember a time when I did not roll my eyes or make that finger-in-my-throat gagging gesture. It simply struck me as syrupy and  sentimental.  As I grew older (and hopefully, a […]