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‘Twas the Week AFTER Christmas

‘Twas the week after Christmas, and I’m feeling quite down All the gifts are the wrong size, the bills make me frown. The Spanx had done their job with great care, Still all those cookies went straight to my derrière. The kids are all sugared up, jumping on the bed, While visions of the Visa […]

The Ten Best Gifts for Separated/Divorced Women 2012

Two of my most popular blogs were on gifts for those going through divorce. Gifts for the Newly Divorced or Separated or Gifts for the Newly Divorced by Atty. Chip Mues. After a year of exhaustive searching by our team of shopping pros ( Ahem. That would be me and the suggestions of clients), here is […]

Growing up with Dick Clark

Let me be clear right from the beginning-I never actually met Dick Clark- yet our relationship spanned decades.  Earlier this week, Dick Clark passed away. His death marks the end of an era. Long before we had access to the momentary updates provided by Tweeter, Facebook and other social media, teenagers relied on Dick Clark […]

Technology is like that Bad Boy…

Technology is like that Bad Boy in High School; the one I was crazy about. Both are lean and sleek and have amazing potential. On a good day when they are “on”, both can light up a room. They promise to be low maintenance and easy to understand. They are creative and offer endless possibilities. […]