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Twenty Newtown Promises

This week in Connecticut the sky was gloomy, dark and drizzly as Newtown buried 20 of its youngest residents and 6 heroic women. The weather seemed to reflect our mood. At times it was simply overcast and then it poured uncontrollably. Out of this incomprehensible event, generosity and support have poured in from all over […]

The Gifts of the Holiday Season

What’s in your Glass? “To be upset over what you don’t have is to waste what you do have.”  ~Ken Keyes In the endless debate regarding “Is the glass half full, or half empty?”, I think we miss the point.  A better question would be, “Can you see your glass as half empty AND half full […]

Holiday Guilt: The Gift that keeps on Giving…

And so it begins…The constant jockeying, bargaining, organizing, planning, and fretting that shows up every holiday season as we are bombarded with images of “creating the perfect holiday”. We struggle to meet the needs, wishes and expectations (and yes, sometimes, even the demands) of everyone in our lives. Realistically, we know we can’t please everyone […]

Trick or Treat! Here Comes Holiday Havoc!

     I was wearing flip flops when I retrieved the mail this morning. Catalogues of shiny Christmas baubles, cashmere sweaters, robotic reindeer, sinfully expensive chocolates and gorgeous gifts wrapped to coordinate with the living room decor (who, besides Martha Stewart, really does that?) are jam packed in the mailbox. Here it is again. I am in […]