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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Back in January, I impatiently began scrutinizing my garden for signs of life. Then with the run of warm weather a few weeks ago, the perennials seemed poised for a head start, determined to poke through the soil. As I rejoice in these first green sprouts, I am aware I am only seeing the outcome […]

When your Kingdom Crumbles

 No one could escape this week’s media circus that was The Royal Wedding. Even the most cynical found ourselves drawn into the story of the handsome Prince William and the beautiful Princess Katherine. We would like to believe in “Happily Ever After” not just for them but for ourselves as well. As we watched the […]

Coping with Loss in a Season of Celebration:

Exploring the Role of Ritual and Tradition in our Lives October heralds the seasonal transition from summer to fall as the palate of our landscape changes. Lush green trees are replaced by the vibrancy of reds, oranges and yellows. Slowly our gardens lose their color and zest. Nights grow cooler, days are shorter and the […]