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Women and Divorce: Dealing with Doubts

When going through a divorce there are bound to be days when you have doubts about your decision; whether you can make it on your own, about the children, about living single, about finances. Thoughts of reconciliation may occur as you travel along this path. Sometimes reconciliation can work; however, without couples therapy and lots […]

Mimimalization: Accepting the Unacceptable

 Jane was married for twenty five years. Her husband filed for divorce and Jane struggled to understand what happened. “Disappointed,” was Jane’s response when I queried as to how she felt. Over and over she spoke of her disappointment.  Jane was diagnosed with depression during the marriage. She shut down emotionally. She was not accessible […]

Hanging On

   Lucy was struggling to hold back her tears.  “It is over and done. I know I can no longer be with this man. I don’t even love him anymore. Why do I feel a twinge when I hear he is going on vacation? When I see him, and he looks good, why do I […]