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Women and Divorce: Dealing with Doubts

When going through a divorce there are bound to be days when you have doubts about your decision; whether you can make it on your own, about the children, about living single, about finances. Thoughts of reconciliation may occur as you travel along this path. Sometimes reconciliation can work; however, without couples therapy and lots […]

Considering Divorce?

   The lawyer you choose may be more important than you think. Most women take more time picking out a winter coat than a divorce attorney. You wouldn’t think to buy the first coat you try on and yet many hire the first lawyer they meet with!  Given that divorce costs are more in line […]

When is it Time for Me to Go?

      The decision to end a marriage is not any easy one. We can become obsessed with saving the relationship. To that end, we may have seen numerous counselors, martial therapists, physicians, and clergy. We have gone to seers, had our cards read, had our astrology charts done. We have read volumes of self-help books. […]