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Halloween and Kids of Divorce

      For kids, Halloween is one of the most important holidays of the year. The costume, the candy, the decorations and the anticipation get kids revved up for weeks. However, the child of divorce is often faced with worries and concerns that cloud their enthusiasm. This is especially true when their parents are unwillingly to […]

Kramer VS Kramer: What They Knew but We Forgot

As if often the case, I am working on one blog when another presents itself in the least expected way. Last night, I collapsed on my couch and with remote in hand I channel surfed through the blood and guts shows, the reality shows and the shows selling Christmas gifts (Really?!) and stop instantly when I […]

When Should Your “Ex” Introduce the Kids To His “Next”?

When a marriage breaks up and the husband* is already involved with someone else, the pain and betrayal are palpable. Not only does a woman find herself dealing with the emotional and legal issues of divorce but also with feelings of being rejected AND replaced. As she begins to deal with her confusion and rage […]

When Your Child Asks, “Why are You Getting Divorced?”

When a marriage disintegrates, the innocent bystanders are, of course, the children. It is well documented that parental fighting –regardless of marital status- is the single most stressful situation in a child’s life. Less fighting equals less pain for kids. Simple. But what happens when your inquisitive 9 year old badgers you for information as […]