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Mimimalization: Accepting the Unacceptable

 Jane was married for twenty five years. Her husband filed for divorce and Jane struggled to understand what happened. “Disappointed,” was Jane’s response when I queried as to how she felt. Over and over she spoke of her disappointment.  Jane was diagnosed with depression during the marriage. She shut down emotionally. She was not accessible […]

Sarcasm: Comedy or Combat?

 “C’mon. I was just kidding. Where’s your sense of humor?” Really? That was funny? Then why does your tongue feel thick and your brain frozen? Why do you long to run from the room? Why are you fighting to hold back tears?  What is going on here? You thought you had a good sense of […]

Excerpt-From Ex-Wife to Exceptional Life- The High Road

The High Road When we are hurt or attacked, our first instinct is to defend ourselves much in the same way a cornered, wounded animal does. We long to strike back. We think if we hurt the other, then our pain will stop. “He did it to me,” we rationalize. Well, yes, he behaved terribly, […]