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The Other Woman

      If your husband is leaving your marriage for another woman, it can be devastating. Even if you were aware that the marriage was stale and perhaps had a fling of your own, you may feel knocked to the ground. Betrayal and violation of trust play a huge role in your pain, but, even more […]

Part Three-My Partner is having an Emotional Affair!! What should I do??

In parts one and two of this series, we discussed what defines an emotional affair and some of the reasons they may happen. Now we move onto perhaps the most difficult aspect-what to do if you find your spouse is participating in an emotional affair. If you DO discover (or even suspect that) your spouse is […]

Part Two- What Causes Emotional Affairs?

An emotional affair does not always indicate there was a problem in the marriage. Most emotional affairs start innocently enough: two tennis players connect through a Meetup for tennis aficionados, an old high school friend looks you up on Classmates.com or a former love interest googles you, just out of curiosity. However, as innocently as […]

Emotional Affairs- What is Going on Out There?

  Part One- Is this Friendship or Something More?   “What are you getting so hysterical about? We are just friends!” Unfortunately, the above statement (or something like it) is increasingly a common theme in committed relationships . One partner is furious and hurt, while the other is minimizing and denying any problem. What they […]