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What and How to Tell your Children about Divorce

One of the most difficult things you will have to do as a parent is READ MORE>

Tips for Helping Your Child Adjust to Having Two Places to Live

As a psychotherapist specializing in helping families through divorce, I offer these specific thoughts with regard to helping children adjust to divorce and having two places to live. READ MORE>

The following article was published on both the Kentucky Family Law Blog and the Ohio Family Law Blog: 

Your Divorce Marathon

Getting tired of all this? No one goes into a divorce adequately prepared to deal with all the changes and stresses. READ MORE>

The “Un-Advisability” of an “Un-Divorce Arrangement”

Psychotherapist and Guest Contributor Donna F. Ferber sent me an email a month or so ago encouraging me to read Suzi Parker’s article about famous couples who chose, rather than going through a divorce, to simply live separate lives. READ MORE>

The following blog post appeared on Coffee for One blog: 

When Mr. Ex and I separated, I responded with my usual trip to to locate resources. One of the books I purchased was From Ex-Wife to Exceptional Life: A Woman’s Journey through Divorce by Donna F. Ferber. I mention it in my “on my nightstand” bar on the right.

Women and Divorce -The Lore of the Rings

As we make our way through the arduous and challenging transition from married to single, we are bombarded by a myriad of changes and adjustments. Some of those are private and practical changes, such as getting comfortable sleeping in the middle of the bed. Others are more public and symbolic. READ MORE >

The following articles were published on the Diva Toolbox Website:

Stupid Cupid-Valentine’s Day and the Divorced Woman


  If you are going through the break-up of a relationship or marriage, Cupid may seem like a sadistic little brat flinging arrows of pain at your already broken heart. Everyone around you seems to have a doting husband or boyfriend gracing them with red roses and candy. You, on the other hand, may be planning to spend this evening at home in your old flannel PJ’s and fuzzy slippers nursing your wounds with a tear jerker movie, a pint of Chunky Monkey and a box of Double Dip Oreos, lamenting how totally unlovable you feel. READ MORE >

Changing Traditions after Divorce

As you gradually move from being a couple to being a single, many of the small traditions and rituals which have defined your family undergo change, either by desire or necessity. Often, we focus on the big changes such as holidays and celebrations. However, those small daily rituals are where you may feel the greatest loss. These are intrinsic parts of our everyday life and not just a once-a-year occurrence. Each family has  READ MORE >

Single not Sad on New Year’s Eve

Many of us may actually prefer to stay home on New Year’s Eve or spend the night with friends rather than get all dressed up to trudge through snowy, icy weather, only to eat and drink too much! Yet, the fantasy  READ MORE >

Article published on the Ohio Family Law Blog Website:

Thoughts on your Divorce Day

Just as each marriage is unique, so is each divorce. Your reaction to the final legal decree  READ MORE>

Consider the Impact of Divorce on Adult Children

It’s a misconception that when parents divorce it doesn’t affect adult children. It is important to remember that our children may be adults (and even may have experienced divorce themselves), but they are still children of both parents. READ MORE>

Coping with Difficult Behavior

Through our life, we sometimes encounter difficult people. We may argue with them, fall silent, comply or take distance. READ MORE>

Helping Children Adjust to Living in two Homes

Through the divorce process, children deal with many changes. One of the most significant adjustments children have to make is living in two homes. READ MORE>

How and What to Tell Your Children about Divorce

One of the most difficult things you will ever have to do as a parent is tell your children that their parents are breaking up. It is important that you shift your focus from your loss to your children’s loss READ MORE>

Your Divorce Marathon

Getting tired of all this? No one goes through a divorce adequately prepared  READ MORE>

Strategies to Make Your Christmas Less Stressful

If this is your first Christmas since the separation and divorce, the anticipation can fill you with sadness and trepidation. Here are some solid, easy tips to help make the holidays less painful and hopefully, maybe, even (surprisingly!) enjoyable! READ MORE >

The Baiting Game!
– baby boomers dating online…

Article published in Hello Boomers Magazine:

Posting a Perfect Profile Photo

Baby Boomers are taking to internet dating with gusto. Estimates are that the 50+ set are embracing online dating with more enthusiasm than any other age group. Included in the huge glut of blogs and articles on this subject, is the sage advice, “post a good photo.” What makes a good photo? Or more specifically, what makes a good photo for on line profile? READ MORE >

Reducing Stress in Visitation Exchanges

As your divorce progresses, you may find that you actually feel better when you have less contact with your ex. If you do not have children together, this is not a difficult objective to obtain. However, if you are a parent then you are probably thrown together with your ex more often than you would like. READ MORE >

The Benefits of Joining a Women’s Divorce Group

Divorce shatters a woman’s self esteem. It also wreaks havoc on a man, but in different ways. Society still holds women responsible for the family. Whether in a married family or a divorced one, women are still the stabilizing forces in the family. Even women who are working outside the home READ MORE >

The following articles were written for Single Parent Gossip – an online community to support single parents and provide practical peer-to-peer advice on all those big and little challenges single parents face everyday.

Money Does Not Buy Love: 9 Single Parent Holiday Tips

A few days left to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Time to think about Christmas and checking your bank account how far it will go. It is also a time to reflect how your year was, what went well and what did not. For many single parents, READ MORE >

Surviving Thanksgiving Alone

Thanksgiving marks the official beginning of the holiday season. Although usually less fraught with anxiety than Christmas, if it is the first “big holiday” since your estrangement from your spouse, you may be dreading the day. It  READ MORE >

Six Essential Single Parent Tips for Halloween

For many kids, Halloween is one of the most important holidays of the year. The child of divorce is faced with choices and concerns. Who will take me treat-or-treating? Who will get my costume and dress me? Where will I trick-or-treat? READ MORE >

Grandparents Rights: When your  Kids Divorce

When divorce occurs in the family and there is acrimony, grandparents’ fear they will be cut off from having a relationship with their grandchildren. Read More >