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Dealing with Loss during the Holidays

Here we are in the holiday season being bombarded with messages of Be Jolly! Be Joyous!  Be Happy! Get that Holiday Spirit! Yet, do you find yourself suddenly feeling sad or with a lump rising in your throat? Do you find the simplest song, phrase, or even a smell has you welling up with tears […]

The Holidays: A Time for Family Fun or Friction?

The holidays offers us a time to be together with family members; a pause in our busy lives to celebrate tradition, share memories and to reconnect. At least that is what we all hope for. Unfortunately for many families, the reality of the holidays does not measure up to our idealized expectations. For many, the […]

The Electrician’s Daughter

Arriving at my sister’s house yesterday, I was greeted with the information that she had just experienced a small electrical fire in a wall sconce and had called an electrician. After having her cut the breaker, I dismantled the fixture and find the culprit- a worn wire touched the metal of the socket and that […]

Father’s Day: When You are Divorced from your Children’s Father

      Father’s Day is an example of when your children’s needs and your desires may be widely disparate. Being divorced, especially newly divorced, (or separated) the last thing you may want to do is celebrate his role as a father. However, children love celebrations of all kinds and look forward to them with […]