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The Thanksgiving Elephant

Over the years, I have written many blogs about the stresses of holidays. Divorce, illness, a death, and unemployment are some of the issues that can cast a terrible pall over the holiday get togethers. Personal issues such as concerns about over-indulging in spending, eating, drinking may add to the stress many face when attending […]

The Holidays: A Time for Family Fun or Friction?

The holidays offers us a time to be together with family members; a pause in our busy lives to celebrate tradition, share memories and to reconnect. At least that is what we all hope for. Unfortunately for many families, the reality of the holidays does not measure up to our idealized expectations. For many, the […]

Is it Really Thanksgiving without Turkey?

One Thanksgiving in the 1950’s, my mother thought a diversion from the traditional holiday fare would add some pizazz to the standard menu. So she decided to substitute duck for the more traditional bird. As I stood in the kitchen, just eye level with the counter and watched the preparation of the meal, it suddenly […]

Thanksgiving and Divorce

   Thanksgiving marks the official kick off to the holiday season. Although it usually is less fraught with anxiety than Christmas, if it is the first “big holiday” since a divorce or estrangement, you may be dreading the day.      If you are going through a divorce, this Thanksgiving may be your first family celebration that […]