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It’s Not About the Nail!

Well, this is a first for this blog. I am starting off with a uTube video. Please take a moment to view it and then c’mon back. It is under two minutes and I think you will find it worth the click. It’s Not About the Nail! Okay. Chances are you are laughing or nodding or […]

The Electrician’s Daughter

Arriving at my sister’s house yesterday, I was greeted with the information that she had just experienced a small electrical fire in a wall sconce and had called an electrician. After having her cut the breaker, I dismantled the fixture and find the culprit- a worn wire touched the metal of the socket and that […]

Unusual Marriage Advice for Brides

In the season of weddings, it occurs to me that while many of us received  advice when we got married, most of it was about how to keep the relationship vibrant( never go to bed angry) or (in my generation) how to keep your man happy(“ a way to man’s heart is through is stomach”). […]

When it all Unravels: Moving On

Our connection to another human being does not occur instantly; when a couple comes together, falls in love, and builds a life together, the threads of their individual lives intertwine and strengthen over time, gradually creating a rich tapestry that becomes their life together. When the relationship shows signs of weakness and begins to fall […]