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Alcohol-When Your Best Friend goes Bad

You probably first met her when you were in high school or, maybe even earlier. Chances are she did not make a very good first impression. Anyway, her reputation may have preceded your meeting. Just not my taste, you might have thought. But your friends urged you to give her a chance (C’mon, everyone hangs […]

The Legacy of Robin Williams: On Confronting Addiction

Like all of us, I was shocked when I heard the news of Robin Williams’ suicide. Mork and Mindy was “must see TV” back in 1978 and nanu-nanu quickly became a part of our lexicon. For days after his passing was announced, people everywhere shook their head and reminisced about their favorite Robin Williams’ character. […]

Does Everything Really Happen for a Reason?

In the last few months, a trio of challenges have landed in my life. These things all converged on a single day. I had taken off from work to attend a conference ironically titled, “The Habits of Happy People”. As I was calling to cancel my reservation in the class, with tears in my eyes […]

Savoring Our Lives

It is almost impossible to pick up a magazine or a self- help book without Mindfulness being touted as a vital part of enhancing our life experience. From parenting, to taking exams, to sitting in traffic, mindfulness have been recommended to control stress, anger and impulse control and promote general well-being. Mindfulness simply refers to […]