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Greatest Moments of the Year

Collapsing under the pile of gifts, crumpled wrapping paper and mounds of left -over food, we fall into the post- holiday stupor that results from days of lack of sleep, over-eating, and PTFC (Post Traumatic Family Contact). Whether we are thrilled with our celebrations or disappointed, we now turn our attention toward the New Year. […]

Dealing with Loss and the Holidays: Replace Dread with Action

As the leaves begin to turn and the temperatures drop, we pack away our sandals and shorts and find ourselves dealing with those boxes of winter clothes, Christmas ornaments and miscellaneous holiday mementos. Truthfully we do not need reminding of the upcoming holidays, the stores have begun putting out their Christmas decorations long before we […]

Your Year in Review 2011: Without Resolutions!

As we herald in the New Year, many begin thinking about making resolutions. However, before you burden yourself with a lengthy list of overwhelming goals for 2012, consider this: Resolutions are just self deprecation with spin. They are born of our relentless focus on our deficits. The worse we feel about ourselves the more resolutions […]

Newly Single? Dealing with Holiday Parties

Even the most content single person will tell you there are drawbacks to being on one’s own. The elation regarding independence often wavers in late fall when bags of candy corn and piles of sugar pumpkins are eclipsed by Santa hats and red and green foiled chocolates. Even the most stalwart is not immune to […]