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Why We liked the Gilmore Girls

I recently caught an episode of the now syndicated Gilmore Girls and found myself thinking- what was it about this show that made it so popular? Beyond the story of Lorilei and Rory and the Stars Hollow gang, is something else that draws us in. The more I watched, the more I saw the attraction; […]

Kramer VS Kramer: What They Knew but We Forgot

As if often the case, I am working on one blog when another presents itself in the least expected way. Last night, I collapsed on my couch and with remote in hand I channel surfed through the blood and guts shows, the reality shows and the shows selling Christmas gifts (Really?!) and stop instantly when I […]

A Good Book to Warm the Soul on a Cold Winter Night

 One of my favorite gifts this year came from my dear friend Nancy who lives in North Dakota. Out of a chunky manila envelope tumbled a pair of soft wool socks, a couple of packets of lemon tea and a copy of Mary Pipher’s book ,Seeking Peace- Chronicles of the Worst Buddhist in the World.  The trio […]

An Unmarried Woman: A Contemporary Review of a Thirty-Two Year Old Classic

Along with a myriad of self- help books, psychotherapists have long utilized movies to facilitate the process of self growth. Recently a group of women began discussing movies related to women’s issues.* When An Unmarried Woman was mentioned it hit a nerve in me. I wondered if the story would “hold up” 32 years later. […]