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It Could Have Been Worse

On the morning of January 26, 2015, the day Blizzard Colbie (would allegedly) hit, I reviewed my regular list of “to do” things-dog to vet, bank, grocery store. There were a few additional storm related items; cancel dental appointment, reschedule a few clients, pick up some snow melt. I “prepare” in a medium way-I don’t […]

The J. Peterman Skirt

It is that time of year in the Northeast, when women begin to yank their cold weather clothes out of storage. We shake them, smell the mustiness, run loads of laundry, and put aside a pile of things for the cleaners. And we try them on to consider, if we lost or gained weight and […]

Snakes on my Brain

Women are finding snakes in the houses. Before you assume this is just a colorful metaphor implemented to slam their male counterparts, I want to assure you-it is not. Honest to goodness snakes are finding their way into our homes. I shudder even as I write this. There are stories of snakes under the washer/dryer, […]

Have You Shopped for Shorts Lately?

The single most dreaded clothes shopping experience for most women is buying a bathing suit. Usually we first venture out in Spring, when we are still pasty and wan. Regardless of what shape we are in, the undeniable fact is that we are one year older than last summer and gravity, oh, evil gravity, has […]