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Divorce: Not a Do-It-Yourself Project

Frequently, people who are unhappy in their marriages wait until after the holiday season to move ahead with the dissolution of their marriage. If you are one of those folks who have made this decision you know it is not easy to make that first move. Sometimes people struggle for years in unhappy relationships before […]

If I Leave My Marriage, Will My Children Leave Me?

It is a question I get often, especially from clients who have children in their adolescent and teen years, ” I want out of my marriage but I am afraid my children will be angry at me for ‘breaking up the family’.  I know that leaving is ultimately the best thing for me and probably […]

Was He Your Safe Haven in The Storm . . . or The Storm?

      Even as a marriage is deteriorating, some women find themselves hanging on- not out of love or devotion but because they are fearful of being without a partner. Having lived with a spouse for a long time, many feel unsure if they can “handle being alone”. A partner can play many roles: from simply […]

Asking for Help

Alexis commented, “The most important thing I learned going through my divorce was to ask for help.”        Frequently, we feel we have to prove we are capable, strong and independent by doing everything ourselves. Some women (and men, too!) are afraid that if they ask for help, they may not get it and they […]