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The Fixer-Upper Man

      Are you a woman of great creativity and vision? Can you see a broken-down chair at a garage sale and just know that with a little elbow grease it can become a treasured heirloom? Are you a woman who loves challenges, solving puzzles, or figuring out how to make things work? Are you resourceful, […]

Mimimalization: Accepting the Unacceptable

 Jane was married for twenty five years. Her husband filed for divorce and Jane struggled to understand what happened. “Disappointed,” was Jane’s response when I queried as to how she felt. Over and over she spoke of her disappointment.  Jane was diagnosed with depression during the marriage. She shut down emotionally. She was not accessible […]

Love is a Verb

         Everyone wants to be loved.        But sometimes we get confused. We may want so desperately to be cared about and valued that we believe we are loved even when someone treats us badly. When I hear stories of women being neglected or abused by their partner, I ask, “Why do you stay?”  […]

The Hidden Face(s) of Emotional Abuse

  Recently I was (again) reminded that emotional abuse is not always obvious and often goes undetected by those people who are involved in it on a day to day basis. The insidious, demeaning behavior of emotional abuse is often dismissed by rationalization(“he doesn’t mean it”), mimimalization (“it is not so bad”) and hopelessness (“ […]