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The Impossible Relationship: Seeking Freedom and Finding Peace

In the last two weeks we have discussed the Impossible Relationship (IR) and the Impossible Partner(IP). Those blogs focused on the characteristics of an IP, and understanding how your self-doubt plays into the chaos and drama. This week, in the last blog of this series, we will explore how to deal with Impossible Partners when […]

The Impossible Partner: Am I Asking for Too Much?

This is the second of a series. Click here to read last weeks blog. The most frequent questions I am asked by those who struggle with an Impossible Partner (IP) is- Am I asking too much? I see relationships that are worse than mine, maybe I am overreacting? Others see so happy, if they can […]

The Impossible Relationship: When It Can’t Work Out

Note to readers: This is the first of a series on this topic. Your questions and comments can help frame the direction and focus of the coming weeks discussion as we explore this issue more in depth. Please contribute your thoughts and ideas. As always, your comments will be anonymous.   Whether it is a […]

When Loves Kills: Exploring Domestic Violence

This past week in a nearby town, a young woman and her boyfriend died. He shot her and then turned the gun on himself. In the next room, their toddler wailed. Killing yourself and your partner is the tragic ending to conflict in a couple’s relationship. I did not know this couple’s intimate details. I […]