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The Gifts of Change-What Do We Give (Up) at the Holidays?

Two of the most prevalent issues in my practice are people considering if and when to divorce and people considering if and when to quit drinking. While these two major life changes seem to have little in common, when it comes to the holidays both reach a stumbling block. The unhappy spouse will say, “I […]

The Ten Best Gifts for Separated/Divorced Women 2012

Two of my most popular blogs were on gifts for those going through divorce. Gifts for the Newly Divorced or Separated or Gifts for the Newly Divorced by Atty. Chip Mues. After a year of exhaustive searching by our team of shopping pros ( Ahem. That would be me and the suggestions of clients), here is […]

Holiday Gifts for Children of Recently Divorced Parents

When a couple goes through a divorce, they become the easiest people on your shopping list to buy for! When buying a gift for children of divorce, their unique needs may not be as clear as those of their parents. Certainly, they have adjustments of their own to make such as dealing with change and loss, […]

Holidays Gifts for the Newly Divorced or Separated

Do you have a recently divorced person on your holiday gift list? They may be the easiest person to buy for! When one household is split in two, most couples find themselves dividing their possessions. Many items need to be replaced. Where once there were two adults to divide the chores and maintenance of the […]