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The Holidays: A Time for Family Fun or Family Friction?

The holidays offers us a time to be together with family members; a pause in our busy lives to celebrate tradition, share memories and to reconnect. At least that is what we all hope for. Unfortunately for many families, the reality of the holidays does not measure up to our idealized expectations. For many, the […]

Is Lack of Humility Ruining our Relationships?

Clearly a growing trend, we are discussing “personality disorders” in ways we have not in the past. In just this past year, Psychology Today has run three cover stories on personality disorders. Clients who come to see me are now more educated and familiar with  narcissistic, sociopathic and borderline personality.  More and more, we are […]

After Divorce: What Do I Call Him?

A few divorced women (ok, maybe many of you) can think of a number of less than flattering things to call your former husband. Think of him however you chose, for as long as you chose, but do it in silence. It is well documented how damaging it is for your children to hear you […]

Parallel Parenting: When You and Your Ex Can’t Play Nice

The continued post- divorce acrimony that plays out in the arena of parenting is the probably the most aggravating and stressful part of divorce for all involved. Parents struggle with a sense of wanting to make this transition easy for their children but when left over marital issues continue to play out in the co […]