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The Celebrations of June and the Pain of Divorce

If you have experienced divorce in the past 12 months, you may be surprised by your own reaction to the festivities of June. While we all know how difficult the fall season is-jam packed with holidays, traditions, family get-togethers and parties- June holds its own challenges. In the fall we celebrate “calendar holidays”-we come together […]

The Amber Alert: There is an App for That!

Unlike my usual blogs, this one more of a public service announcement and one that is relevant to us all. So, regardless of whether you are a parent, teacher, scout leader, physician, camp counselor, grandparent or neighbor, we are all part of a community and we are all called upon to keep children safe. Here […]

Adult Children of Divorce- Dealing with your Parents’ Pain

Amid the chaos of divorce, parents find themselves overwhelmed with worries that reflect all aspects of their life- financial, practical and emotional. For most parents, the number one concern is the welfare of their children. Oddly enough, parents may not be as sensitive to the impact of the divorce on their adult children as they […]

Social Media: Do We Sacrifice Our Children’s Privacy?

                                                                                        As someone who has concerns regarding how we balance the positive aspects of social media while maintaining some degree of privacy, I found the following piece thought provoking. I want to thank Dr. Ramey for his permission to reprint his recent article on the matter of children and privacy. Clearly we all benefit greatly […]