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If I Leave My Marriage, Will My Children Leave Me?

It is a question I get often, especially from clients who have children in their adolescent and teen years, ” I want out of my marriage but I am afraid my children will be angry at me for ‘breaking up the family’.  I know that leaving is ultimately the best thing for me and probably […]

Dating in Midlife: Do you need your children’s approval?

 The doorbell rings as you adjust your make-up one more time and pray that you won’t trip in your new platform sandals. You shake your head and think “I haven’t dated in decades. What am I doing?” You take a deep breath and open the door to your date.  There is more than a 50% […]

Father’s Day: When You are Divorced from your Children’s Father

      Father’s Day is an example of when your children’s needs and your desires may be widely disparate. Being divorced, especially newly divorced, (or separated) the last thing you may want to do is celebrate his role as a father. However, children love celebrations of all kinds and look forward to them with […]

The Celebrations of June and the Pain of Divorce

If you have experienced divorce in the past 12 months, you may be surprised by your own reaction to the festivities of June. While we all know how difficult the fall season is-jam packed with holidays, traditions, family get-togethers and parties- June holds its own challenges. In the fall we celebrate “calendar holidays”-we come together […]