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The Super Power of Summer

Recently, I was reminiscing with friends about a group discussion I facilitated some years ago about super powers. Super Powers?  You might ask. Really? Why? Now that we are “all grown up”, we rarely take the time to let our imaginations run wild.  We are so busy planning and strategizing, paying bills, making lists and going […]

Commitment vs. Obligation

    Phyllis, a divorced woman in her forties, thought her relationship was going quite well. However, her boyfriend of one year, Alan, felt it “lacked commitment.” “Well, he thinks we should buy a house together. He feels we need a commitment of some type.” Alan also urged her to open a joint bank account and […]

Women and Divorce -The Lore of the Rings

             As we make our way through the arduous and challenging transition from married to single, we are bombarded by a myriad of changes and adjustments. Some of those are private or practical changes, such as getting comfortable sleeping in the middle of the bed or managing finances on your […]

Insuring Your Love: Divorce Insurance or Covenant Marriage?

In a culture where approximately half of all first marriages break up, the advent of new programs designed to support marriage should be no surprise. Then why was I so surprised to hear on NPR a few weeks ago, Tess Vigeland interview Josh Logan, the CEO of Wedlock Divorce Insurance a new company offering, well, […]