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The Gift of Storm Ashford

I found myself in the grocery store early this morning. I know this is simply crazy. Let me explain- for all of you who do not live in New England, there is a kind of grocery shopping frenzy that envelopes us when there is news that a snow storm is rolling in. This particular storm […]

The Impossible Relationship: When It Can’t Work Out

Note to readers: This is the first of a series on this topic. Your questions and comments can help frame the direction and focus of the coming weeks discussion as we explore this issue more in depth. Please contribute your thoughts and ideas. As always, your comments will be anonymous.   Whether it is a […]

The Super Power of Summer

Recently, I was reminiscing with friends about a group discussion I facilitated some years ago about super powers. Super Powers?  You might ask. Really? Why? Now that we are “all grown up”, we rarely take the time to let our imaginations run wild.  We are so busy planning and strategizing, paying bills, making lists and going […]

Commitment vs. Obligation

    Phyllis, a divorced woman in her forties, thought her relationship was going quite well. However, her boyfriend of one year, Alan, felt it “lacked commitment.” “Well, he thinks we should buy a house together. He feels we need a commitment of some type.” Alan also urged her to open a joint bank account and […]