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Summer Vacations and the Divorced Family

“As I watched my children wait at the window for their father to arrive, I couldn’t believe the flood of feelings I experienced,” Julie, thirty-eight, a divorced mother of two boys, seven and nine, explained. “Their father is taking them to New York with his girlfriend. Her parents own a large summer house in the […]

Dating in Midlife: Do you need your children’s approval?

 The doorbell rings as you adjust your make-up one more time and pray that you won’t trip in your new platform sandals. You shake your head and think “I haven’t dated in decades. What am I doing?” You take a deep breath and open the door to your date.  There is more than a 50% […]

The Amber Alert: There is an App for That!

Unlike my usual blogs, this one more of a public service announcement and one that is relevant to us all. So, regardless of whether you are a parent, teacher, scout leader, physician, camp counselor, grandparent or neighbor, we are all part of a community and we are all called upon to keep children safe. Here […]

Children in Blended Families: What We Want Our Step-Parents to Know

When dealing with children in step-families, it is important to remember that blended families are always created after a loss. The child has experienced either a divorce or death of a parent. Even in cases when a parent was not previously married, the assumption is the child will welcome the new spouse with the same […]