From Ex-Wife to Exceptional Life™: A Woman's Journey Through DivorceFrom Ex-Wife to Exceptional Life: A Woman’s Journey through Divorce™

Foreward by Marilyn French author of The Women’s Room

Awarded Honorable Mention in the Self Help Category
by The Independent Publishers Association, 2006.

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“Like having a trusted friend by your side…

From Ex-Wife to Exceptional Life: A Woman’s Journey through Divorce™ is full of wisdom and advice for any woman experiencing the pain and disappointment of divorce.

Donna F. Ferber, LPC, LADC has drawn on her twenty years of experience counseling women through this difficult process to create a comprehensive guide comprised of 365 one page essays that offer inspiration, insight and information.

Whether you use this invaluable book as a directory for help on a specific topic or as a day to day companion, Ex-Wife to Exceptional Life™ offers the tools, guidance and emotional support for handling all aspects of divorce.”

“She sees you through your days, one by one, days that were for me, punches on my heart. Donna does this clearly, understandably, concisely. If you are thinking about divorce, this book will serve you well. I only wish I had it thirty-seven years ago.” Marilyn French, author, The Women’s Room, New York City, NY


“I have recommended this book in my practice and it has helped ease the pain for women while they navigate a divorce. The one-a-day page format is easy to read and doesn’t overload an already emotional reader. Bless the author.” August 17, 2009  — Cathleen M. McInerney

“This Book Is Helping Me Every Day, I was searching ‘divorce’ on and found From Ex-Wife to Exceptional Life… The title caught my eye and I thought if this book is half as good as the title, I have to get it. I had no idea how helpful this book would be. The goal of this book is to read a page a day, and have a thought or purpose for each day. Some days don’t apply to me, so I just skip that page, other days are so in tune with what I am going through, it’s as if Donna is writing just for me. If you are going through a divorce; whether it is your decision or your husband’s, this book is a must-have.” 2006 — Francine M. Murphy

“I recently purchased your book and I’m finding it incredibly helpful as I move through my healing after the divorce process.  I’m comforted as I read each entry by the clarity of your message. It’s also validating to know that if you’ve written about it, then I’m certainly not alone in the thoughts and feelings I’m experiencing. I commend you on such a wonderful work, and wish you great success.” Sincerely, PM, CT

“I find wisdom and solace and a blossoming sense of expectation since being given your book.” My best, ES, Unionville, CT

“Donna Ferber gets it! She understands the many levels of need and the wide range of issues confronting women experiencing divorce. Every imaginable question is addressed. Ex-Wife to Exceptional Life insures women that they are not alone on this difficult journey and that it is possible to survive and thrive as they embark on this new chapter in their lives.” — Molly Hinchman, Ph. D. Psychologist, Cornwall, CT

“Ex-wife to Exceptional Life provides a simple, practical down-to-earth approach to all of life’s challenges. Donna’s insight, caring and encouragement make this book a dog-eared companion for everyone seeking answers to questions we all face at some point in our lives—significance, love, security and more.” — Marion Durant, Southington, CT

“A wonderful companion for anyone in the process of redefining themselves… valuable information, support and comfort… you’re not alone.” — NF, Social Worker, Aberdeen, SD

“The complexities are overwhelming… If you are woman considering/involved in divorce this is a practical, if not invaluable resource.” — Lynne A. Ustach, Attorney, New Britain, CT

“A wonderful companion for anyone in the process of redefining themselves… valuable information, support and comfort…you’re not alone.” — NF, Social Worker, Aberdeen, SD